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Tanoai's timeline.
Please write a letter of recommendation of good character for Joshua Tanoai, Asking for no prison time & only work release or Community Service os Suspend his sentence. 
To Honorable Michael T. Downes 
Send it to Josh Attorney Thomas Cox 3409 McDougall Ave. Everett, WA. 98201

Put your name, address, occupation, sign & date it, 

If you need some examples "GOOGLE IT" How to write a letter to a Judge asking for a lesser sentence or no service.

or Send it to me:
Lorri Ballou-Tanoai-Stohl

before March 1, 2015

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Help Brice's family pay medical bills CASHION, AZ $1,645 of 15k Raised by 16 people in 2 days Donate Now SHARE ON FACEBOOK 51TOTAL SHARES510 Created January 21, 2015 Kimber Alise Treyzan Taylor UPDATE #5 21 HOURS AGO Thank you everyone who has helped in any way; sharing this, praying, donating, anything. Subscribe to Updates Show All January 15th, 2015 Brice came to me that morning to ask to stay home from school. He is 18 so he really did not have to ask, but it was a form of respect he did so. I had a Migraine from having insomia the night before. I asked him if he was sick, he stated he just could not bear to go back to that school. I was planning to ask him about that answer when my head was not about to explode. I told him of course he could stay home. He went back to bed. I tried to rest. He came into my room at lunchtime and asked if I had eaten anything, could he make me a sandwhich? Such a thoughtful boy. I forget to eat often. He tries to take care of me. I ate a few bites and he came in and took my plate and sandwhich away. That was a little after 1 pm. I heard nothing. Someone honked out on the road, and I got up to get a bottle of water. I suddenly got a feeling I should check on my son. I dont usually do this. He is 18 and quite self sufficent. But I went to his room, I knocked on the door and he did not answer but I went in anyway. I found him lying on the floor. I only saw his feet at first. I wondered why he was on the floor. If his back hurt, or maybe he hit his head, or maybe electrocuted? Just wanted to lay on the floor? Why was he laying on the floor and did not respond? Then the smell of vomit hit me and it was everywhere. I rounded the bed and saw he was covered in it. Lying on his back, vomit in his hair, on his face, his shirt covered with it. I called 911 and turned him on his side, telling him to cough. Telling him he would be ok, that help was on the way. I thought he had an allegic reaction to something, ate bad food, flu. Maybe he Had a bad Migraine too. They have made me vomit, pass out. I thought he was sick. But he barely responded. He grunted replies to my questions, said no. It was then I saw he had a funny red mark on his neck, I have no idea where that came from. I still have no idea what that mark was, it is no longer there. It was an arrow to look further though. I started looking around, then I saw that when I had turned him there was a gun under him. I saw no blood, I had hoped the gun had nothing to do with what was going on. I was in denial. Then thought if he had accidently shot himself, but it had bounced off his skull causing a head injury but no penetrating wound. He was breathing, no blood. Head trauma causes vomiting. I found a bullet hole though after searching for a long time. Right in the back of his head. Then I knew, this was no accident. No one shoots themselves accidently in the back of their head. I have never heard of anyone shooting themselves in the back of the head. But then, I never really thought about it. I never heard a shot. It was only a .22 but I never heard anything. One of the reasons I could not believe he had been shot. I do not really remember anything after I found the bullet wound until there was an officer telling me I could not go back into his room. You see, because of where the wound was, they thought I might have shot him. That I was under suspicion did not matter to me, it did not make me upset. I really did not care about that at all. All I cared about was getting him to the hospital and him not dying, not leaving me. At some point while in a fugue state I called Darrell and yelled at him to get home. I don't remember calling him at all. The Police were there, the paramedics taking their own sweet time. My son was just lying on the floor, and the police were talking about who knows what and keeping me from even being in the room with my son. Looking in through his bedroom door, I saw it then. A notepad note on his computer monitor. It was titled "SORRY." I did not get to read that note until the following day. It did not make anything any clearer. Basically said he never thought he was worth while. That he did not think he would even make any difference or amount to anything or even be able to take care of himself. This son who took care of me, made sure I remembered to eat, did not think he could take care of himself. 51TOTAL SHARESCOPY, PASTE & SHARE: http://www.gofundme.com/kl6bm8 What is GoFundMe? Fundraising made easy >>CONTACTLINKPOSTERREPORT 3 COMMENTS Please use Facebook to leave a comment below:

Help Brice's family pay medical bills
$1,645 of 15k
Raised by 16 people in 2 days
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Created January 21, 2015
Kimber Alise Treyzan Taylor