7 Things You Can Do to Stop Alzheimer’s by 2025

7 Things You Can Do to Stop Alzheimer's by 2025
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1. Join A Clinical Trial 
Are you a healthy adult or know someone who has recently been diagnosed? Everyone is highly encouraged to participate in a clinical trial.

2. Get Genetic Testing
Assess your risk of having any amount of genetic predisposition for Alzheimer’s by getting yourself genetically tested.

3. Email, Call, and Tweet Your State Senate & Congress
Get congress to increase funding for Alzheimer’s research and FDA to approve more drugs that impede Alzheimer’s, just as they did with cancer. Contact your Senator.

4. Get Educated About Alzheimer’s & Dementia
Learn more about Alzheimer’s risk factors, treatments, myths and clinical studies.

5. Speak up if You See the Symptoms
Help to de-stigmatize and get the conversation going about Alzheimer’s symptoms and other important facts.

6. Sign the Stop Alzheimer’s Petition
Get the word out about Alzheimer’s by signing the petition.

7. Join The Fight Against Alzheimer’s
Volunteer or donate to your favorite Alzheimer’s research or Alzheimer’s awareness organization.
Connect with others who have been affected by Alzheimer’s in our Alzheimer’s & Dementia community

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